So Damn Beautiful: The Lonely One

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So Damn Beautiful: The Lonely One

(So Damn Beautiful #1)

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Ever since a drunken one-night stand gone wrong, single mother Meredith Banks can’t seem to shake Christian Morgan, the hypnotically attractive and dangerously obsessive intern from her office. It started with the late night phone calls, the hang-ups, the unwanted visits to her row home in Detroit. Now her son Troy, all that matters in her world, has gone missing after school.

Meredith knows Christian is behind her son’s disappearance, but the cops won’t help without evidence. To find her son and his psychopathic kidnapper, Meredith sets out alone into Christian’s deadly world: the criminal underbelly of Detroit, a surreal nightmare of depravity, desperation, and murder. The further she steps outside the law, the less hope she has of turning back. Failure now would cost Meredith her son–but finding him may cost her soul.

Thus begins SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL, a horror-thriller trilogy for adults. The full serial includes:
1. So Damn Beautiful: The Lonely One
2. So Damn Beautiful: Children’s Home 5
3. So Damn Beautiful: Lost Sanctum

And don’t miss the FREE prequel, So Damn Beautiful Prelude: Seduction and Pursuit!

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PAPERBACK: $8.99 Amazon UK
AUDIOBOOK: $14.99 Amazon UK

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