So Damn Beautiful Prelude: Seduction and Pursuit

So Damn Beautiful Prelude: Seduction and Pursuit

(Prequel to So Damn Beautiful)

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After her husband’s death, single mother Meredith just wants to raise her son in peace–until handsome young co-worker Christian catches her eye. Dazzled by Christian’s hypnotic seduction, Meredith goes home with him against her better judgment, to his apartment in the dark underbelly of Detroit. Big mistake. For Christian’s easy smile hides deadly secrets, and he wants more than a one-night stand. He wants to keep Meredith forever.

PRELUDE is a short story prequel to the crime horror-thriller series SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL, a finished trilogy intended for adults. The other books in the series include:
1. So Damn Beautiful: The Lonely One (So Damn Beautiful, #1)
2. So Damn Beautiful: Children’s Home 5 (So Damn Beautiful, #2)
3. So Damn Beautiful: Lost Sanctum (So Damn Beautiful, #3)

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