So Damn Beautiful: The Complete Series

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So Damn Beautiful: The Complete Series

(So Damn Beautiful: Prelude, Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3)

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Release Date: 10/03/15

Single mother Meredith Banks can’t seem to shake Christian Morgan, an attractive, obsessive intern from her office who’s much more than he seems. Impossibly beautiful, charming as the Devil and twice as cunning, Christian doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. He intends to join Meredith‘s family, no matter what.

When her young son is kidnapped, Meredith knows Christian is behind it. But the cops won’t help her without evidence. To find her son and his psychopathic kidnapper, Meredith sets out alone on a desperate vigilante quest into Christian’s dark world–a surreal nightmare of human trafficking, murder, and madness.

The further she steps outside the law, the less hope she has of turning back. Pitted against the cops, a crime syndicate, and Christian himself, Meredith must unravel the deadly secrets of Christian’s past–and resist the compulsion of his hypnotic smile. Her son, her sanity, and her very soul depend on it.
Includes the following:
Prequel: So Damn Beautiful Prelude: Seduction and Pursuit
1. So Damn Beautiful: The Lonely One
2. So Damn Beautiful: Children’s Home 5
3. So Damn Beautiful: Lost Sanctum
Plus cast interviews, an interview with A.E. Hodge, and more!

EBOOK: $5.99 Amazon UK Kobo iBooks Scribd smashwords
PAPERBACK: $24.99 Amazon UK

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