What I’m Up To – February 2015

Greetings, Fugitives!

What a month!

January was a big month for me, but February was even bigger. I mentioned I hit an all-time high in books sold last month; I doubled that in February, thanks to my first big ad SDB-3-finalcampaign and my newest releases. I’m very pleased to be gaining some momentum, but it’s still not enough. That’s why I’m working even harder to produce more awesome stories and content for you!

On 2/13, I published So Damn Beautiful: Lost Sanctum (So Damn Beautiful, #3), the final book in the So Damn Beautiful crime horror-thriller trilogy.

Fear not, though–the story may have ended, but there’s still more to come. I’m now hard at work on a prequel short story, entitled “So Damn Beautiful Prelude: Seduction and Pursuit”. I anticipate this will be ready in early March. I’ll keep you appraised of my progress and post an official release date very soon. This short story will be totally free to anyone enrolled in my mailing list.

Not only that, but I’ve been semi-secretly working on an audiobook version of So Damn Beautiful: The Lonely One (So Damn Beautiful, #1). It’s in the final stages and coming along very nicely; should also be available early in March, via Amazon, iTunes, and Audible. The narrator is absolutely wonderful and she’s really captured Meredith’s struggles to save her son from the psychopath Christian. Even if you’ve read the book, the audiobook will be a great new experience and the perfect opportunity for fans to revisit the story. Expect an official release announcement very soon!

Cat Fancy 2015 coverNot a fan of So Damn Beautiful? Hey, we can’t all have good taste. (Just kidding.) Fear not, there’s plenty in store for you, too.

In fact, on Friday I published Cat Fancy, a short horror tale that should appeal to any cat lovers out there. I’m still working on filling out a second short story collection, “Spoiled Dinner”, as a sequel to Spoiled Lunch, so this is the first of several short stories I intend to publish over the next few months.

As for my next big project, I’m still kicking around a few different ideas. Everything from vampires to pirates to post-apocalyptic dystopia is on the table. I love to write what readers want to read, so let me know if you have any thoughts!

That’s about it for now. Till next time, fugitives, and happy reading!

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  1. GandK says:

    In any question where one of the possible answers is “pirates,” that is always the correct response. 😉

    Keep writing!

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