IslandOfTheDolls_cover7It’s Finished! …Sort Of.

Wanted to give a quick update to share some good news. Namely, I finished ISLAND OF THE DOLLS!

Sort of.

That is to say, I wrote the ending. As I’ve mentioned before, the manuscript has been at about 90% complete for the last month or so after being put on the back-burner for multiple reasons. I am happy (and relieved) to announce it’s now 100% complete, from start to finish.

The caveat is, that’s only the first draft. 😉

Next Steps

Next, the book will be hacked and beaten mercilessly by its first and meanest editor–yours truly. In addition to the usual business of correcting errors, streamlining the language, and polishing the story, I have the extra work in this revision of making some particular scene changes and additions that I already know I need to implement. This will involve writing and rewriting as much as it will revising and editing, which is why I add the caveat that, despite reaching The End, the job is only “sort of” finished.

I can’t say how long this first-line edit/rewrite will take. After missing my release date at the end of October, I’m gun-shy of putting such estimates out there (although it can have the positive effect of lighting a fire under my ass).

What I can say is that the project is no longer on the back-burner; I am working hard to get this published ASAP. Given that, it is my sincerest hope that I will complete this revision phase in the next two to four weeks, but that’s not a promise.

Now Seeking Advance Readers!

Once I am done the first revision and arrive at the revised manuscript, I’ll be looking for advance readers to review the early copy and offer honest feedback. I’ve already got some names, but I’m still looking for more. If you would like the opportunity to read a FREE advance, pre-release copy of ISLAND OF THE DOLLS in exchange for your honest feedback/critique, please let me know! You can contact me here about review copies: www.aehodge.com/contact/

After the advance review comes the final professional edit and pre-release marketing push, at which point the book will be ready for official release! There will also be more review copies available at that point.

That’s pretty much where we are and the road map to publication. Thanks very much to all who’ve supported me in the process. We’re getting there!

This concludes our latest episode of How the Sausage is Made.

Till next time, Fugitives.

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