Release Date Announced for SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL: LOST SANCTUM!

SDB-3-finalYou’ve followed Meredith Banks from the ghettos of Detroit, across the sands of Nevada, and through the darkness of Children’s Home 5. Now you’re waiting to join her in her last harrowing trial, as she struggles to free herself and her son from Christian Morgan’s hellish compound, LOST SANCTUM.

Well, the wait is almost over. Today I announce the official release date for SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL: LOST SANCTUM–and it’s not much longer at all!

Book 3 will be available worldwide in eBook and paperback at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Smashwords, and other major retailers on…

Friday the 13th — February 13, 2015!

In little more than a month, Meredith’s desperate quest to save her son will come to its end–for now.

But there’s plenty more to look forward to! Stay tuned for more exciting news, fugitives. There are many more stories to come.

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