Part 1 of my horror/thriller novel So Damn Beautiful is now available, entitled So Damn Beautiful: The Lonely One.

The first part in a serialized story, The Lonely One tells the tale of Meredith Banks, a single mother who sleeps with an attractive young intern named Christian Morgan. She thinks it’s just a one night stand–but Christian has other plans. Soon Meredith finds herself on a desperate one-woman quest to rescue her son from her spurned former lover. The mission will take her outside the law, to the underbelly of Detroit, in pursuit of the man who kidnapped her son–a man she’ll learn is more dangerous than she ever imagined…

Use the links below to order it now:



I hope you enjoy it. Thank you!

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2 Responses to Release Announcement – SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL: THE LONELY ONE

  1. I am currently reading So Damn Beautiful and am now a fan. I commented on one of your recent posts on Amazon. I’d like to connect with you on Google+ if you’re on it (or Twitter or FB). I have been frustrated connecting with so many writers who are pumping out lower-quality genre fiction. My debut novel is not yet release, but when I read a new author who I actually think has a professional, top-notch finished product, I want to connect with him/her. (

    • AEHodge says:

      Hey William! I’m glad you’re enjoying So Damn Beautiful. I’m pretty terrible at keeping up with social media, but the best way to connect with me is probably my Facebook page ( followed by Twitter ( You can also join my mailing list to stay informed of the latest releases, and right now you can get my short story collection Spoiled Lunch and Other Creepy Tales as a free bonus for signing up. I’m checking out your site now; loved the review of A.P.E. (and that “Social Media Explained” chart really sums it up). Thanks for stopping by!

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