Release Announcement – CAT FANCY

Cat Fancy 2015 coverGreetings, Fugitives! Today I’m releasing a new horror short story called CAT FANCY, available at all major eBook retailers.

At the end of their first date, shy student Sandy goes back to Victor’s apartment, already head over heels. Victor, a suave genetic engineer, is perfect in almost every way. The only problem: Sandy is terrified of cats, and Victor is obsessed with them. Worse still, his demented house cat Melody seems hell-bent on keeping Sandy away. But Sandy is too desperate to let fear overpower her. She’ll do anything to make it work with Victor, even as his strange obsession forces her further out of her comfort zone–and even if it costs her very humanity…


Thanks, and happy reading!
A.E. Hodge

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  1. Rosemarie says:

    Hi there! I’m with Cat Fancy Magazine- Which is now Catster Magazine!! Your book sounds fantastic! Our readers would love it- let’s get some banners for the book going on!
    Give me a call!

    (Censored contact info for privacy. -Admin)

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