New Release Schedule Q4 2015

Hello, Fugitives! I’ve been pretty busy this summer, as you’ll see, but I wanted to drop in and whet your appetite for all the delicious goodies on the way between now and the end of 2015.

I’m planning no less than three full-length releases over the coming months. There’s something for everybody here, from the special edition “box set” series collection of So Damn Beautiful, to my newest novel Island of the Dolls, to a new collection of short stories for fans of “Spoiled Lunch”.

Here’s an overview of what’s coming…

So Damn Beautiful: The Complete Series (Prequel & Books 1-3)


If you’ve been waiting to read the So Damn Beautiful series, now’s your chance! Featuring all four books together in a single volume for the first time–and at a nearly 50% discount price–this is the definitive collection of the series readers are calling “every parent’s nightmare” and “a must-read”. This set will also contain special bonus material, including the full So Damn Beautiful: Interview blog series–with a never-before-released interview with elusive, charismatic kidnapper, Christian Morgan!

Best of all, with a release date of October 3, 2015 (10/03/15) for the ebook and the paperback soon to follow, you won’t have to wait long for this one.

Island of the Dolls: A Ghost Story Inspired by True Events


This is a full-length horror novel inspired by the story of the Island of the Dolls in Xochimilco, Mexico. In the 1990s, environmental restoration cleared the ancient pre-Hispanic canals of Xochimilco, revealing the disturbing island of a hermit who’d devoted his life to collecting and displaying old, decaying dolls. He claimed the dolls protected him from the restless spirit of a little girl who’d drowned in the canal, decades earlier. Then, in 2002, the hermit drowned mysteriously–in the same waters where the girl had drowned…

Ten years later, in 2012, a group of student filmmakers journeyed to the Island of the Dolls to film it for a documentary. They were never seen again. They left behind only a single tape recorder, containing their final recording. For the first time ever, their story will be told.

Just in time for Día de Muertos, Island of the Dolls is coming in ebook and paperback on October 30, 2015! (10/30/15)

Spoiled Dinner: More Creepy Tales

For the short story fans, it’s time for a new feast! This set, available in ebook and paperback, will feature eight more short stories of horror and dark fantasy to disturb and delight. This collection includes a mix of popular stories like Cat Fancy, Happiness Inc, and Sump Pump that have never been together or in print, as well as several completely new stories exclusive to this collection, all at a great price!

Some of the new stories include the titular “Spoiled Dinner”, a nightmarishly dystopian sequel to the fly-infested short story, “Spoiled Lunch”. Another new sequel to a story in the SPOILED LUNCH collection is “Storm Runners”, an otherworldly sequel to “The Accident“. Also included is “Wrong Apartment”, featuring a cameo by psychopathic killer Christian Morgan (of So Damn Beautiful fame) in a chilling home robbery gone very wrong. Plus a few more surprises…

In time to spoil all your holiday feasts, this mega collection of horror arrives in ebook and paperback on November 20, 2015! (11/20/15)

To recap:

10/03/15 – So Damn Beautiful: The Complete Series
10/30/15 – Island of the Dolls: A Ghost Story Inspired by True Events
11/20/15 – Spoiled Dinner: More Creepy Tales

Hope you’re ready for a chilling winter.

A.E. Hodge

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