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sdbmeredithbannerFor today’s post, I thought I’d bring in a guest speaker for a change. I’d like to introduce you all to a very good friend of mine: a talented young woman named Meredith Banks. She’s a 31 year old single mother from the town of Birmingham in Detroit. She has a cum laude Associate’s Degree from Chicago State University, a day job with a law firm called Spector & Krunk, and an eight-year-old son named Troy.

She’s also the star of my serial novel SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL. PART I: THE LONELY ONE is available now in Kindle and Paperback. PART II: CHILDREN’S HOME 5 is available for pre-order in Kindle and will release on Oct. 31, 2014 in Kindle and Paperback!

Let’s all give a warm welcome for Meredith Banks!

Meredith Banks: What the hell is this?

AE Hodge: It’s the Fiction Fugitive blog, Ms. Banks. We’re very pleased to have you.

MB: Seriously, this looks like the most depressing game blackflyshow on Earth. Have you ever heard of interior decor? Is that a blood-sucking fly on the wall?

AEH: That is a fly, yes. And it’s not exactly a game show, Ms. Banks. This is gonna be more like an informational interview, okay?

MB: Excuse me? I was told that if I came to this dank cyber hole in the wall I’d have a chance to “win big”. The only reason I’m here is to win money to help my son!

AEH: Ms. Banks, you might have misunderstood. You certainly have a chance to win exclusive freebies and early access to the latest releases by A.E. Hodge by signing up for the A.E. Hodge “Fiction Fugitive” Email Newsletter

MB: What? I don’t have time for this! Don’t you get it? My son is missing!

AEH: That’s actually what I’d like to talk about today. In my novel, SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL, I tell the story of your quest to find your son, at all costs. Could you tell us how you started down the road of amateur sleuth?

MB: I told you, my son is missing. It’s not like I had a choice! He was kidnapped by that bastard Christian Morgan. The intern from Spector & Krunk.

AEH: That’s the law firm where you work in Detroit?

MB: Where I used to work, before everything got so fucked up. Whoops. Can I say fuck?

AEH: No, actually. But don’t worry, it’ll all be censored in production.

MB: It was my fault. I slept with Christian, after an office party. It was just a one night stand, as far as I was concerned, but I guess he saw things differently. He went crazy over me.

AEH: I can imagine you drive a lot of men crazy. Er, whoops–my girlfriend reads this blog. Scratch that last part. (We do censor this stuff before posting, right?) But seriously. You have a background as a model, don’t you?

MB: Yeah, I used to model. So what? My husband Max was a photographer. He sort of “discovered” me. It only lasted a few years, until I got pregnant with Troy. When Max got sick, I took the job at Spector & Krunk, just to pay the bills, and here we are.

AEH: So your husband, Max, was a photographer? What does he do now?

MB: He’s dead. Cancer. It’s been two years now. I get so lonely sometimes, and then things like this happen. Things like… Christian Morgan.

AEH: It doesn’t sound like you drove Christian crazy. If he went so far as kidnapping your son in a bid for your attention, he must’ve had some screws loose already. Who knows what else he’s willing to do?

MB: I don’t know anything about him. No one does–he’s vanished, like a ghost. The police are convinced I’m making all this up–they think I hurt my son, and lied about Christian to cover it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Since my husband died, Troy is the only thing that matters to me. That’s why I’ve left my job, my home, everything, and devoted my life to tracking him down.

sodamnbeautiful_kindle copy


AEH: That’s very noble. You’re the main protagonist of SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL; the novel is told from your perspective, and you’re clearly a very strong, driven woman. What experiences in life would you say shaped your character?

MB: Are you serious? Let’s see. Nearly absent, drunken, bipolar father. Nagging, overbearing, money-hungry mother. My husband dying of cancer before we ever saw our tenth anniversary. A mind-numbing job in a decaying city with no hope for upward mobility. And now my son is kidnapped by some psychopath? I have to be tough just to survive. And you’re the one who wrote it all! What the hell is your problem, anyway? You some kind of sadist?

AEH: This interview is not about me…

MB: And that’s just the start of the awful, frightening, disturbing things that happen. Disgusting parasites inside my son, dead-eyed homeless men at my front door, seedy gang-bangers, inner city pimps, cops with vendettas–and Christian himself, the handsome psychopath who seems to have big plans for me. What exactly did he mean when he told me he’s willing to kill to get what he wants…?

AEH: I guess you’ll find out soon. PART II: CHILDREN’S HOME 5 is coming in less than a month, on Halloween, 2014. Are you ready?

MB: I can only imagine the vile, twisted crap you’ll put me through this time.

AEH: Let’s just say if you thought you knew the worst Christian’s capable of, you’re in for a surprise or three. A Middleton Three, to be exact.

MB: Whatever. If you think you can break me, then you got another thing coming! No matter what it takes, no matter what the cost, I will find my son. And I will bring Christian to justice—one way or the other. Out of my way!

AEH: Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. Ms. Meredith Banks! Let’s give her a big round of applause.

sodamnbeautiful2 final


MB: Hey, seeing as you kinda tricked me into coming here… any chance you could pay for cab fare or somethi–?

AEH: And that’s all the time we have for today’s blog post, folks. Tune in next time for more on SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL and more from the Fiction Fugitive. Until then, adios!



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