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Greetings, Fugitives! It’s been a while since our last guest interview with Meredith Banks, star of the SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL crime horror-thriller series. Today I’d like to introduce you to another character from SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL: Detective Antwon Lee, a seasoned and world-weary cop in his late forties. This very talented detective was once the darling of Detroit’s homicide police. After a bad experience as a young officer, he left the violent crime unit to focus on missing persons, where he continued to build a name for himself as the guy who could solve any case.

SDB1-finalNow he’s been assigned the lead in the disappearance of Troy Banks, Meredith’s eight-year-old son, whose kidnapping in SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL: THE LONELY ONE (So Damn Beautiful, #1) sets the stage for the epic adventure to come.

Let’s all give a warm welcome to Detective—

Detective Lee: That’s enough. I understand you have some information regarding the whereabouts of my prime suspect?

AE Hodge: Er… prime suspect? You mean Christian Morgan?

DL: No. I mean Meredith Banks.

AEH: Wait a tick. Meredith’s your suspect? You think she kidnapped her own kid?

DL: It’s the best lead I have at the moment. There’s no evidence whatsoever to tie Christian Morgan to the kidnapping. Now Meredith’s vanished as well, evidently fleeing the law. And besides, whether Ms. Banks is behind the disappearance of her son or not, she’s certainly committed a number of other crimes since then. She’s turning out to be a very dangerous young lady.

AEH: She did tell me she’d do anything to get her son back.

DL: Did she tell you she’s killed people?

AEH: Um… not in so many words. But it sounds like this Christian guy and his friends are pretty dangerous themselves. Are you sure it wasn’t self-defense?

DL: I’ll ask the questions here. When did you last speak to Meredith Banks?

SDB-2-finalAEH: I interviewed her a few blog posts ago, right before Book 2 came out. It’s been a while. Speaking of which, this is supposed to be my interview, and I wanted to ask you about…

DL: Did she say where she was going next?

AEH: I don’t think so. Detective, can I ask you something? You used to be in homicide before missing persons, right? What prompted you to change departments?


AEH: Uh… why are you looking at me like that? Like I’m some kind of puzzle you’re trying to solve?

SDB-3-finalDL: Heh. Trying to? Please. I’ve already figured you out. You’re just a two-bit hack writer trying to advertise a book series under the paper thin guise of an informational interview with a fictional character. You’re obviously a narcissist who loves to talk to himself and quite probably insane, given the content of your fiction.

AEH: What—excuse me! This interview is not about me! (But now that you mention it, the SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL series has recently reached its conclusion with Book 3 and can be purchased wherever books are sold! The prequel is free, and–)

DL: Look, you want to know why I left homicide? In a word—I was disillusioned. I grew up in a rough part of Detroit, thought I could change things by becoming a cop. I was young and idealistic, and I couldn’t change a thing. Too much bureaucracy, too much politics. Then something happened back in homicide that almost made me leave the force. But I changed departments instead, because I couldn’t bring myself to quit.

AEH: Why not?

DL: Because, Mr. Hodge, I was made to solve puzzles. I’m very good at it, and I want to use that gift to help people. People who deserve justice. People like Troy Banks. Now, can you tell me anything else about Meredith Banks?

AEH: I wish I could help you. She held me ransom for cab fare and then stormed off after our interview. All I know is she’s looking for her former co-worker, Christian Morgan. He’s obsessed with her, and she’s certain he’s the one who kidnapped her son, in a bid for her attention. How come you’re not looking into Christian?

DL: We are. But like I said, the guy’s a ghost. We can’t find a trace of him, or any evidence to link him to the crime. Meanwhile, Ms. Banks is tearing up the city with her vigilante crusade. She has to be apprehended, first and foremost. Besides, I’ve got orders from above. It’s almost like they don’t want me digging too deep here. It’s… a little suspicious, to be honest. Can’t tell if it’s corruption or garden-variety incompetence just yet, but orders are orders, and as long as Ms. Banks is acting outside the law, she’ll continue to be my prime suspect.

AEH: Well, she seemed pretty determined to find Christian Morgan, whether the cops or anyone else stood in her way. I have a feeling you’ll find Meredith when you find Christian. If you find either of them.

DL: Oh, I’ll find them. Even if my own department stands in the way. I always solve my cases, Mr. Hodge. No matter what. And when I find Meredith and Christian, I’ll make sure justice is done. Any other questions?

AEH: Um. Yeah. I had a list. Let’s see… What’s your favorite food?

DL: Right. We’re done here.

AEH: Sorry. You’re kinda creeping me out.

DL: I’ve been told I have that effect on guilty minds. Any crimes you care to confess?

AEH: What? No!

DL: Here’s my card. Just call me if you think of anything.

AEH: All right. Sure. Be careful out there, detective.

DL: Are you threatening me?

AEH: Of course not! You said yourself, these are dangerous people.

DL: Don’t play innocent, Hodge. This friendly interview act isn’t fooling me. I know you’re the sick bastard behind this whole twisted story. I don’t know what you have in store for me, but I will make sure justice is done. You got that?

AEH: Are you threatening me?

DL: We’ll be in touch, Mr. Hodge. Thank you very much for your time.

AEH: And there he goes. Phew! Ladies and gentlemen, Detective Lee! I wish him the best of luck in tracking down whoever kidnapped Troy Banks. Let’s just hope he doesn’t come back here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some contraband I need to hide…

You can find out what happens to Detective Lee, Meredith, Christian, and Troy in the crime horror-thriller series SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL, complete and available now wherever books are sold!


Till next time, Fugitives!

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