HAPPINESS, INC. Now Available!

happiness inc ad copyHAPPINESS, INC.

I’m pleased to announce the release of HAPPINESS, INC., a horror/satire short story available as a FREE eBook!

Like every good American, Bob hates his job. He’d rather be playing guitar, goofing off, or spending time with his family. He dreams of being a rock star while he works just hard enough not to get fired at pharmaceutical company Happiness, Inc.

All that changes when a freak accident exposes Bob to dangerous levels of the ADHD wonder drug, Tranquilify. Suddenly, Bob finds himself capable of superhuman focus and dedication to his mindlessly boring day job. But as the side effects become apparent, the question is no longer whether Bob can focus on his job–but what price will he pay for his dedication?

Click here to read it now! Also available via Smashwords and Amazon. Thanks for reading!

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