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Great news!


ISLAND OF THE DOLLS has finished principle editing and moved into final production. I’ll have an official release date very soon–and the release date will be very soon. That’s right; hope your bags are packed, because you’ll be leaving for Isla de las Munecas within the next few weeks–definitely in March.

1492123_lNot soon enough?

What if I said you could read the ebook right now, weeks in advance–for free?

There are only two catches.

The first catch: these are advance review copies. In return for the free book, I’d appreciate if you left an honest review of the book on Amazon and any other retailers/review sites you like. You are under no obligation, of course–you’re not signing a contract here–but it’d really help me out. Even just a few words, as simple as “I liked it”, can go a long way to exposing my work to new readers.

Second catch: these are advance review copies. Although the book has been edited multiple times by me and a professional content editor, and it’s probably 99% of the way there at this point, it’s still not the finished, published book. It’s possible some minor details may change in the story between here and publication. It’s also possible a few errors or inconsistencies slipped by us in editing. In fact, part of the reason authors provide advance review copies is to get multiple eyes on the manuscript to ensure such errors are caught before release. So please, if you find any errors or issues, anything that seems wrong or doesn’t make sense, please let me know–in private, preferably, not in a review–so they can be fixed!

Basically, I’m looking for honest feedback. You’ve heard the saying, “A penny for your thoughts”? Well, think of this as a free ebook for your thoughts!

Sound good?

Just use the form below to contact me and let me know you want to join my Advance Reader Group. Please specify that you are interested in review copies of ISLAND OF THE DOLLS. Feel free to include a little about yourself, how you found my books, any unique perspectives or expertise you might have, etc. Note: All applications will be considered, but depending on the number of applicants, it’s not guaranteed that all applicants will receive a free copy. Review copies available for a limited time only; this offer may expire at any time without warning.

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